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Photo by Gabriel Mendoza-Weiss


About Imani, The Mystix Muse

Imani Quinn
Artist, Author, Quantum Mystic

Host of The Modern Mystic Chronicles Podcast, inspiring curiosity and magic through storytelling of modern mystic living. 


Co-Host Dopamïne, an Astro-Intuitive event series for friendship, love and collaborative connection based in Los Angeles. 


Co-host of the late Woke Mystix podcast. Co-author of Astrology SOS with Hardie Grant Publishing and Chronicle books. Seen in Bustle, Instyle and Cosmopolitan publications. A contributing writer to Mindbodygreen. A choreographer and designer with work recognized by The Fashion Film Festival in Milan and Artist in Residency of Arcosanti. 

Photo by Gabriel Mendoza-Weiss

The Modern Mystic Chronicles

“Inspiring curiosity and magic through storytelling of modern mystic living”


creating listenership that thrives on mystic living, seeing the magic in the mundane, following signs, and living a life of curiosity within the universe

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Music Provided by Steve Smith, of the original song, The Truth About Love


As cultural architects, we’re here to create space for deeper connection, Dopamine is a modern mystic platform and elevated experience that helps one align more fully conjured by Imani Quinn and Fred McNeill. You can attend a Dopamïne event in Los Angeles at Neuehouse.

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I had a Quantum reading with Imani earlier this year, what a beautiful experience it was! Imani has a kind, but powerful energy about her. I’ve been doing much work on myself over the last few years and couldn’t get through a blockage in my heart chakra. She pinpointed the root of the issue and why it had been such a confusing and challenging thing to work through, and what I could do to continue to work through it. Since the reading, I’ve seen a lot of shifts in myself and see how much more I’ve been able to grow in such a small amount of time. I am endlessly appreciative of her for that. 

Anastasia Morrison, Florida 


I just woke up from a dream you were in! I was in my grandma's house with my family and you popped by and I wasn't expecting you but I was happy to see you. You said we had an appointment for a reading. I knew it was present time, but my brother was sick and it felt like you were bringing him protection. And then you started to share some things about your own family. Family you had to protect as well. Nice seeing you in Quantum! Thank you for visiting

Bailey Peraza

Imani’s gifts and abilities are truly otherworldly. Earlier this year she read my cards and communicated a download that can only be described as purely magical. She predicted a marriage in my future that I could not have seen coming myself and truly tapped into another realm to communicate something that was headed in my direction and would change my life dramatically. I highly recommend checking out Imani’s gifts and what they have in store for you if you’re at all curious about tapping into your intuition, making a big decision in your life or even if you have no idea what you’re looking for. Imani has unearthed and brought to light aspects of myself that I’ll never be able to unsee and I couldn't be more grateful to have had her guidance in understanding how to integrate these parts of myself and move toward a more intuitive life path. 

Wallis, Los Angeles


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