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Quantum Journey 
with Imani Quinn

3 month Quantum Journey Container

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3 one on one 1 hour Quantum Healing Session with Imani

Quantum Guidebook

Guided Quantum Meditation

Elemental Magic


Frequency, mindset, consciousness shifting

altars, dreamwork and divination



paid in installments 


Early Bird Paid in Installments 

includes one on one sessions and 6 new moon and full moon virtual drop ins

The Next 3 month Quantum Journey begins 7/28/22. Early Bird Registration opens 7/1/22-7/8/22. Registration ends 7/22/22.

Single Session Appointments

40 min


120 min


What is a Quantum Healing Session?

What You'll Receive

What typically comes up

Quantum healing

Quantum healing is a bridge between the working mechanics of Quantum Physics and the healing elements of consciousness through the human experience. Through Quantum healing you can delve into and activate your conscious selves in multiple dimensions as a way to heal your body, mind and activate the spirit. Quantum allows for astral travel, manifestation in our 3D reality and an evolution of our frequency through the power of the past, present and future all in alignment as one, unity consciousness. Through a Quantum session I use astrology, tarot and oracle divination, dreamwork, mediumship and energy work to assist you. 

A session with me will include a reading as well as a frequency healing. My intention is to help you expand your consciousness through quantum techniques that will help to harmonize and align your frequency through energy work. I will also be identifying important aspects of the psyche through spirit communication of the past, present and future to work towards your souls highest vibration and purpose. You will also have time to ask questions from your guides and past loved ones to help clarify and further you along on your path. This is a great way to manifest the vision and goals that you have for your life


Energetic and physical ailments, with possible prescriptions to shift energy. Communication and guidance from your guides and past loved ones on direction that they're trying to illuminate for you in your life. I will work within astral/quantum dimensions to do frequency and energy work on you. It is typical that you may have a dream before your session where I come and work with you prior to your reading. The reading itself is set up with a peaceful environment and usually has an energetic release that happens. The challenging part of the work will be what energy is confronted after the reading, similar to a cold where all the symptoms are brought up and then need tended to. During the session I'll give you suggestions on tools and ways to deal with such energy when it arises. 

Quantum Guidebook | Workshop


and prerecorded 80 min



What clients have to say about the Quantum Journey Container

"Imani is a compassionate and inspiring teacher who empowers students to tap into the realm of quantum in a confident way. She creates a safe and inviting space for people to explore and expand their spirituality. What I love most about my experience with Imani is the friendship that we’ve been able to develop. I could truly talk to her all day, every day because her energy is so vibrant and nurturing."

Denise Perez

"Going into the Quantum Journey with no expectations and just trust in divine timing that I was called to do this, opened the door to an abundance of growth. The 3 months go by so fast and in each container that I’ve been a part of, I always feel more confident, closer to my spirit team, and connected to myself in which I am able to intuitively make moves + decisions in my every day life without so much self doubt and fear. I learned that the only “thing” getting in the way of my abundance was myself. I am SO happy and grateful for these self discoveries. I am grateful to be able to share this journey with fellow folks in this Quantum Community if you will. Imani, thank you so much for everything. Although you make sure we do the WORK, I can’t thank you enough for changing my life in the best way. You are so gifted + talented + any amazing human spiritual being, and for anyone wanting to join this journey…this is your sign!"

Rhea Cadiz

"Imani is brilliant, intuitive, insightful, and just the absolute best. I recommend her to literally everyone and trust her deeply. Her guidance has been invaluable for me as it's become a main source of emotional and spiritual support while I grow my business and bring my visions of what I want to life. Her questions and intuitive guidance is always eerily spot on (like so freaking specific to my life) and it never ceases to amaze me how connected she is."

Whitney Catalano

"Imani and I crossed paths at one of the most challenging moments in my life.  In just a few short months, I’ve had more breakthroughs and synchronicities than I’ve had in the past several years.  She’s the real deal, and working with her has been a life-changing experience.  Thank you, Imani."

Christian Dufner

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