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Imani's Story

I am a multi-hyphenate biracial Quantum Mystic Artist. My upbringing was filled with a colorful array of cultures. My god parents are from Chile and Kenya, I grew up training in traditional West African dance, both my parents are artists working within music, dance and visual arts and my mother had a tea house, Fool's Paradise, for most of my upbringing. It gave me a curiosity for people, culture, tastes and sounds. After graduating college with a Business Marketing and Spanish degree I left the Pacific NorthWest and moved to California 12 years ago.

I am a Quantum Mystic Oracle with 15+ years experience using oracle and tarot divination, mediumship and dream and energy work. I come from a lineage of women healers, with my mother as my first spiritual mentor and teacher. The last 3+ years have been dedicated to my work within the Quantum Healing Arts and entertainment, having gone through multiple Quantum initiations in Mexico City, and working with clients as a medium, tarot reader, astrologer, dream and energy worker within Quantum Multidimensional Travel. I also work with clients in a 3 month Quantum Journey as well as single sessions. And I spend my time working on pitching a pilot about a biracial mystic traversing her Saturn Return. I believe in following your intuition and always looking for the magic. 


I have taught dance for over a decade, with residencies as a dance teacher and choreographer in LAUSD. I have choreographed for productions, short films and live performances. I portrayed Lady in Blue in a production of, For Colored Girls, who have considered suicide when the rainbow is enough. 


Photo by Gabriel Mendoza-Weiss

I have Co-Hosted Dopamïne, an Astro-Intuitive Event Series for building friendship, love and collaborative connections in Los Angeles. And I am Co-Host of the former Woke Mystix podcast on Astrology and Spirituality. 

I am host of the Modern Mystic Chronicles podcast and Co-Author of Astrology SOS with Hardie Grant Publishing, author of my self-published poetry book, Flowmatree and I can be seen in Bustle, Instyle, Cosmopolitan, PopSugar, and more for astrology and spirituality. I am also a contributing writer for Mindbodygreen. 


I founded my first company, SWAJE, a clothing line in 2015. I designed and sold in marketplaces throughout the West Coast and was recognized for my work in The Fashion and Film Festival of Milan. 

Where to find me

You can find Imani currently as the Talent and Creator of The Modern Mystic Chronicles Podcast, inspiring curiosity and magic through storytelling of Modern Mystic living. 

Submit your story for consideration on The Modern Mystic podcast today 

Artist Statement

Imani is a multi-hyphenate queer biracial mystic artist whose artistry manifests as books, storytelling, performance art and quantum healing. Her work centers on elevating marginalized voices' and asks is humanity ready for a quantum reality?

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